It Came Without Warning...
As Most Disasters Do

Released June 2013

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It's really exciting that response to our strange little project has been mostly positive in almost all aspects. All except for one, really. More often than not, people do not care for our name.

Fortunately, we do not care, because we're badass artistic types like that. That said, I've been meaning to write a little back story to our naming, because we think it's amusing.

Essentially, Mrs. Butterworth named our band.

After we had written our first couple of songs (neither of which would last long enough to be recorded or performed live), we started brainstorming band names. Ideas were slow to come; we're an instrumental band, verboseness is not a necessary strong suit.

Ian had the idea to look through texts he had saved on his phone because they amused him. One that particularly tickled him was a text from his grandmother trying to get contact information on his old drum teacher for a friend of hers.

She's a sharp lady, and an experienced and talented actress whose credits include spending time voicing the anthropomorphic Mrs. Butterworth's bottle on television commercials. However, like most people over the age of 35, texting was relatively new hat for her, and from the media she had consumed (cell phone commercials), she was under the impression that everything in text messages was supposed to be abbreviated. So the message she sent to her grandson, our drummer was:

"Cmn ineed yr hp. Lov Gma"

Ian suggested that part of that text might make for a decent band name. Mark, in all his brilliance, said "Yes! Love Gma!" There was an uncomfortable pause while the other two tried to figure out if he was serious (he was), then Ian responded "Actually, I was thinking "Cmn ineed yr hp.'" After a moment of thought, Mark agreed that was probably better, and Jose made it unanimous.

We decided to add an "l" in "hlp" to make it clear exactly what of yrs we needed. And with that, our band was christened "Cmn ineed yr hlp".

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